Understanding Your Leadership Style

Toastmasters Advanced Communication Series. 
Public Relations. Project 1. The Goodwill Speech.


  • Prepare a talk that will build goodwill for your organization by supplying useful information of interest to the audience.
  • Favorably influence the audience by skillful and friendly delivery of your talk

Time: Five to seven minutes.


Each one of us is a leader. We may just have different leadership styles. This talk and exercise* will help you to identify your particular style.

*using material by Brenda Herchmer from Active Engaged Creative Communities (http://acecommunities.ca/)

Presentation Slides

Speech Evaluator Comments

  • The audience was curious about the topic
  • Use remote control to improve the flow
  • Watch out “pen in hand” when talking
  • Suggestions for a stronger opening
    • A YOU question: “What kind of leader are YOU?”
    • A story: “I had a boss whose leadership style was …”
  • Good energy, body language, eye contact and pace